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A Cost-Efficient Solution<br> to End Metal Theft.

A Cost-Efficient Solution
to End Metal Theft.

Brass downspout nozzles have become a popular
target for metal thieves. You can easily deter
thieves by placing our plastic downspout nozzles

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A great alternative to expensive downspout nozzles

Cost Efficient

A great alternative to expensive downspout nozzles

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Got Bulk Orders? No Problem!

Glue on Nozzle.

Got Bulk Orders? No Problem!

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Easy To install

Easy To install

Product Features

Anti-Theft Solution

You don't have to worry about metal theft anymore. We have the solution. Get rid of the theft problem with EMT's anti theft injection-molded high quality plastic nozzle. Don't throw money away - End Metal Theft

Robust & Durable

Timeless injection-molded plastic with bronze enamel finish enhances the building's architecture & keeps the water from flowing away from your building's foundation, protecting it from mold and moisture damage

Easy To Install

4-step easy installation without any integral PVC insert or any additional steps!

Production for Wholesale

We use high-quality plastic, moulded to industry specifications. Each downspout nozzle is cut and crafted by machine, with a focus on stringent quality-control practices and attention to detail.

Cost Efficient

Reduce excess standing water that can compromise your building's foundation by diverting water away from the building, EMT reduces the risk of mold and moisture damage

1-Year Warranty

Proudly providing homes and businesses with a cost-efficient solution to metal theft, EMT provides 1 year replacement warranty!

Protect Your Property From Metal Theft

Protect Your Property From Metal Theft

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Take Action. Save Money.

Escutcheon with a security ring
Glues directly on PVC
Sizes: 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”
Embossed to prevent theft
Bronze enamel finish
slip on female coupling
Have peace of mind <br> whenever you leave <br>your property.

Have peace of mind
whenever you leave
your property.

Our plastic downspout nozzles come in different sizes


What our happy customers have to say about our Plastic Downspout Nozzles

I have struggled with thieves stealing downspouts off of several of my shopping centers over the years. Since I have replaced them with plastic downspout nozzles, I have had no further issues and they have held up very well.  We are now using them for all our new construction projects.

RandallOwner of Multiple Shopping Centers

We have been in the property
management business since 2005.  The plastic downspout nozzles work great for replacing stolen metal ones and they save the customer money as they are less expensive than metal ones.  No more worries of stolen downspout nozzles.

JonathanProperty Manager

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